Fun Runs boost funds

Some years we have struggled with the damp and cold.  This year it was red-hot ….. at least in Sheffield.  And our faithful supporters were, as always, up to the challenge.

Our North wales event has been going for about half the time of the Sheffield event but, in terms of income, it is closing in fast on ‘big brother’.  Our supporters that covered the 5k in Wrexham have so far raise £970.  If only another form would arrive with thirty quid!

In Sheffield, on probably the hottest fun run of the last 10 years, our Patron Dan walker was amongst the runners who raised £2600.  Special mention to the X-Cel team who, as you can see form our picture, turned out in strength.



An Evening Of Success With Dan Walker & Jessica Ennis

We would like to thank our Patron, Dan Walker, for hosting An Evening of success with Jessica Ennis last November at Sheffield City Hall. It was a resounding success much acclaimed by all who attended. We would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all who supported the event – you have made each charity over £7,000 the richer or in TASTE reckoning 2 community boreholes richer.


We’re on the move ….

After 5 years on Nursery Street, our friends at Hillsborough Baptist Church have offered us a new home.  We are so grateful for their generosity which goes along with the care and prayers that they have blessed us with for many years.

TASTE's new home

Our new contact details are:

15 Hawthorne Road
Sheffield S6 4LG

Tel:         07737 413 772


Local artist supports TASTE

The place:
Burngreave Library, Spital Hill

The date:
Saturday 9 June

The time:
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Coffee & cake fundraising event


Life-long TASTE supporter and local artist, John Lintern, is hosting a fund-raising event for TASTE.  He and his wife will be busy baking all this week so why not pop in for a quick coffee, some excellent cake and an opportunity to view some of John’s most recent work.



It is not very often that TASTE makes a big announcement. However, today is an exception. TASTE has a new Chief Executive. With effect from 1 May 2012, Ben Udejiofo will become CEO TASTE, replacing Steve Horton, who is taking on a full-time role with Wycliffe Church in Sheffield.  Steve will be moving back to his role of enthusiastic TASTE volunteer.

TASTE has been searching for a replacement for Steve since the middle of January and Ben comes as a real answer to prayer. Not only does he know TASTE inside out, his circumstances mean that he is able to take up the post on a full-time basis, something which Steve was unable to do.

However, never having funded a full-time CEO before will present certain financial challenges and the Trustees have committed themselves to finding the means to pay Ben a fair full-time salary. This is one of Steve’s last CEO challenges and he would love to hear from anyone who could make a monthly standing order towards Ben’s salary.  Contact Steve, in confidence, at

Final, departing words from Steve?
“There cannot be anyone, anywhere in the world, that has a better grasp than Ben of what TASTE is about.  Exciting times are ahead!”