Unbelievable news

Back on 2006, in Kano State, where water is very scarce (even by Nigerian standards), a Local Government Council agreed to help a particular village where problems of water shortage were acute. Here is how Open Doors reported the result:

“The great day arrived. The team arrived. They worked for an hour. They installed a hand pump and left, promising that there would be an abundance of water the next day.

The villagers were excited. At dawn they gathered around the pump and began to sing praises to God. They prayed. The Pastor was asked to pump the first water. For a moment water came. Then nothing. The borehole had only gone down six metres. It has been dry for the last three years”. (source: Open Doors magazine September 2009).

This is extreme but TASTE can provide story after story where similar things happen. Usually the borehole is dug deeper than six metres but not much deeper. Routinely, boreholes are dug without surveys and are dug so badly that they stop functioning with a few weeks. That’s why drillers have such a bad reputation and why it is vital for TASTE to work to exacting standards, so that others can see the difference that being a Christian can make.