Community engagementClean drinking water alone might be helpful in improving the lives of a rural community but, on its own, it can achieve only so much. However, link clean water with good handwashing and regular use of properly constructed latrines and you have the recipe for improved health and wellbeing in the community.

Doris is our facilitator. She is usually the first contact that communities have with TASTE when she goes to visit. She meets with the local village head and, if they have one, the WASHCOM (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Committee). If she finds that the community leaders understand hygiene issues, she will agree with them how to pass on that understanding to the whole community. If she suspects that the leaders really don’t see the need for good hygiene, she will take them on a fact finding tour of the community. This approach has been championed WaterAid and really works. This short video clip explains how Doris will approach that task with the leaders and then how she helps the community to understand the issues.

Community engagement tool


Central to Doris’s work are the three strands of clean water, hand washing and proper sanitation.

To get the concept across to the largely female audience, Doris uses a three legged stool and asks the women how many of them would allow their children to sit on a stool with only two legs!! The illustration works really well with the women and they immediately grasp the importance of embracing all three aspects of the programme.