The community in Langne are farmers in a beautiful part of Plateau State. They are a very small group – about 200 in total. Their problem is water. Not simply a lack of it but the quality and control of it.

During the rainy season, the slow moving water builds to a wide torrent and covers much of the plain where they farm with polluted, muddy water; certainly unfit to drink without decent filtration. But in the dry season, the water simply stops flowing. When we were last there a guy was riding his motorbike along the river bed!

Grace went and worked with the community, supporting the WASHCOM to explain the value of good hygiene practices; the Embassy of Ireland provided funds for a borehole and three latrines; TASTE supporters added funds to build another latrine; and the community was transformed. Now there is a plentiful supply of clean drinking water throughout the year so that the women and children no longer have to walk to the river and dig into the sandy banks to collect their water.

Because there is water in the village, they have been able to start growing onions and their biggest worry now is how to keep the small goats off the onion patch. And the children can go to the primary school and have the luxury of their own latrines right outside the classroom!