A Tribute to Christopher Robin de Kretser (NESCO MD)

TASTE would like to thank our Gracious God for and to send our condolences to the family of Christopher Robin de Kretser MBE, FIEE.

Mr de Kretser who was for sixty years the Managing Director of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation (NESCO) Limited, died peacefully at Harefield Hospital, UK, on Saturday, 21st March 2020, aged 87.

NESCO, established in 1929, was the first private energy company to obtain licence to generate and distribute electricity in Nigeria and was the sole provider of energy to mining operations in Benue-Plateau region during the pre-colonial era.

Following the 1962 decline of the tin mining industry and subsequent loss of its key customers, NESCO shifted focus to the communities and towns that surrounded the mines.

By 1970, NESCO had electrified 27 towns in the Benue-Plateau region and was the sole electricity supplier to Jos. When the Nigerian Electric Power Authority (NEPA) took over electricity supply in the city in 1978, due to its reputation for reliability and superior service, the government permitted NESCO to operate independent of NEPA.

Many communities in Plateau State have now been enjoying access to 24/7 power supply for almost 90 years. NESCO currently has a total installed capacity of 26MW of hydro plants, which powers rural communities in seven local governments in Plateau State.

NESCO as well as supplying to many parts of Plateau State reliable and consistent energy also partners with the Plateau State Government and other States to supply electricity to many rural areas.

The crucial role that NESCO has played and continues to play in the lives of many Nigerians can be attributed to Christopher de Kretser. He lived a sacrificial life, with many months of each year spent in Nigeria away from his family in the UK. Christopher’s love for Nigeria and its people cannot be over stated. He was committed to the well being of the most vulnerable of the society through the supply of power that provided job opportunities. He also created community empowerment through the corporate social responsibility programme of his company.

In Mourning Christopher’s death his wife, Virginia said “we will continue his work, we are not giving up on Nigeria

We Praise God for Christopher’s life long love and devotion to Nigeria and its people. We pray that the LORD would grant his family peace and comfort at this time of their sad loss.








Ben Udejiofo