About Us


Reg Charity No: 1077304

TASTE was registered as a charity in the U.K. on September 7 1999, to encourage the spread of appropriate and sustainable technology in Nigeria. Originally, the intention was to take the form of sending suitably qualified Christian professionals to work alongside local people or offering support to young Nigerian professionals. However, this quickly moved to developing our own Nigerian drilling team who are responsible for the construction of community boreholes. More recently, we have seen volunteers from the UK travel to Nigeria to share their expertise, thus developing the skills and capacity of our own staff and the communities with which we work.

TASTE was set up as a result of first hand experience of one of the Trustees, Ben Udejiofo, of the hardship being suffered by ordinary Nigerians through the under-utilisation of both human and mineral resources and also the constant request for help by the people of Amankpunato Achi, the village from where Ben originates. Amankpunato Achi lies 35 km south of Enugu and boasts a population of around 40,000 together with vast amounts of undeveloped agricultural land. Water is a scarce resource with the nearest supply of drinking water a 5k round trip away from most homes. As is usual in Africa, women and children bear the brunt of water carrying, with the children regularly making the trip before and after school during the dry season. So far the project at Achi has been beyond our capability – both in terms of finance and technology but it has proved to be the inspiration behind our work and TASTE is committed to working with the people of Achi to develop a clean water supply, even though the complexities of the project suggest a long-term rather than a short-term solution.


Our work is divided into a number of streams:

  • Geological surveying of potential water locations.
  • Community support in the development of sanitation systems. read more
  • Drilling services for boreholes to supply clean drinking water. read more
  • Water delivery to needy communities. read more
  • Visiting schools in Jos to teach children about the work of TASTE and to help them understand the importance of basic hygiene principles.
  • Taking a high profile approach to honest & ethical standards in business.