TASTE values

The TASTE Trustees believe that it is a fundamental principle that Christians must demonstrate their faith in practical ways. The following from Sir Fred Catherwood sums up the views of the Trustees on this subject in a way which they could not better:

“Many Evangelical Christians believe that the only way to turn the country round is through religious revival with leaders like Wesley and Whitefield in the eighteenth century or Spurgeon in the nineteenth. The last great commandment of Christ was that it is a Christian’s duty to preach the gospel of salvation, the offer of God’s forgiveness for our rebellion. Eternal salvation matters more than anything in this life. But the society in which we live does not believe in sin, so it sees no need for salvation. It sees the church as, at best, a cosy club of like-minded people and, at worst, as a dangerous sect. Words alone are not enough.

Our teaching has to follow that of Christ and the Apostles, who taught that ‘faith without works is dead’. We have to show our faith by our works; we have to be concerned, as Christ was and the prophets before him, for the injustices and injuries of this world and do our best to put them right and to meet the pressing needs of the poor, disabled, deprived and the very young and very old, all who cannot help themselves.

So I do not believe that we will win this public argument unless words are backed by deeds and especially by obedience to the second great commandment, to love our neighbours as ourselves. Christ taught the people, but he also healed and fed them. Because he showed his love by his care for the needs which they felt most acutely, many were prepared to believe him when he told them of a spiritual need which they did not yet recognise and when, finally, he gave his life, thousands were converted. Christians have to follow Christ’s example”.

“At The Cutting Edge” pg 215
Sir Fred Catherwood (1996)
Hodder & Stoughton


TASTE Trustees must each subscribe to the Basis of Faith set down in the TASTE Constitution.