Small change?

20160308 Coins, bottles and banner

The Recycle Challenge – have you got the bottle?

Many of us are so fed-up with 1p & 5p coins that we leave them out of our purses or pockets and they end up all over the house. Some people even throw them away!

Now you can keep all your ‘shrapnel’ in one place – in the TASTE water bottle, ideally suited to hold hundreds of unwanted small coins.

Almost every week someone calls in to the Taste office and hands in a bottle of coins. Each donation contributes to the £1200 raised each year. Recently, a supporter began to add 5p and 10p coins to the copper coins in the bottle and was surprised at the 3-fold increase in the amount donated. Usually, a full bottle of copper coins has a value of about £5 but we are thankful that the latest donation was £16.72.

Once full, you can either bank the money and send us a cheque or you can call us and we’ll arrange for one of our supporters to come round and collect the coins so that we can bank them.

Contact us for a bottle or download your own label that will fit on an empty bottle of Oasis.