Recycle stuff

We’ve signed up with TerraCycle to raise funds for TASTE.

It is very simple.  Once signed up, you decide what you are going to collect and then register your decision.  To begin with, we are collecting used pens, pencils, markers, correcting fluid etc.  We get about 1p per item.

TerraCycle process

There is no cost to TASTE, we just keep a box in the office and whenever a pen runs out, we drop it in the box.

Please don’t throw any writing instrument away!  Pass it on to TASTE.  Why not keep a carrier bag in the garage and, when it has a dozen or so pens, pass them on?

You could sign up to TerraCycle yourself and have a collecting point in your office, school, church, youth club and then, whenever you send off your recycling, nominate TASTE to receive the resulting payment.

TASTE is also on the ‘wait list’ to be a collecting point for Johnson’s baby wipe packs.  So, please keep those as well and let us have them when it’s convenient for you.