Water delivery in JosOne of the earliest assets to join the TASTE ranks was Fudge – an ex-Cooperative milk tanker from the North East. Fudge (so called because of his numberplate FUJ 25C) was shipped to Nigeria in 2005 and fulfilled a vital role in the work of TASTE.

Each day during the dry season, Fudge would collect water from the City Water Department and sell it to companies and households for the overhead tank. The surplus generated by water sales helped offset our office costs and allowed us to accumulate a little extra to help needy communities.

Once a fortnight or so, Fudge would collect a shipment of water and then distribute it free of charge to a community within the city where the wells had dried. Households would only be able to collect enough water for two or three days but it was a tremendous blessing to the localities we served. And the response was always amazing gratitude.

But Fudge is no more. High repair bills forced us to scrap our much loved water tanker, although we are committed to finding a replacement. Right now we are in the middle of a fundraising project to raise £9000 to purchase a suitable vehicle in UK and ship it to Nigeria.

*******LATEST NEWS*******

January 2015

A flat-bed truck has been donated to TASTE. We have fitted a 2,000 litre tank and Fudge II is waiting in a field close to Tilbury Docks ready for shipment to Nigeria.  Another £2000+ will be needed to transport the tanker and convert it to left hand drive.

If you can help, we would be exceeding grateful.




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