We know that we are in danger here! By identifying some supporters as wonderful, the others might get the hump!  So, let’s clear one thing up – you are ALL wonderful; we could not survive without you. Having got that straight, we thought that we could use this space to share a few good ideas with you and also say “thank you” to a few people who routinely provide us with services for free that would otherwise cost us a lot of money!

hcb designs is the trading title for Hannah Carter-Brown, our wonderful graphic designer. She is the one who is responsible for our most recent fliers, posters and newsletters. And her labour of love was the TASTE cookbook, which she spent hours and hours editing. She is such a fantastic help – we don’t know what we’d do without her! To see more of her work or to get in contact …. follow the hcb link.

X-cel Superturn are wonderful supporters. They always provide a good turnout at the Sheffield Fun Run and more than once they have helped us out in an hour of real need.  It is to X-cel that we have turned and they have been ‘excellent’, ‘super’ ‘turn-riffic’ …thank you.