Saturday 9th July 2016
Weston Park, Sheffield

TASTE Sheffield Fun Run 2016 saw about 50 intrepid supporters brave the cold, wet morning to complete the 5k circuit to raise an incredible £1,280.

The North Wales Fun Run in April went really well raising £605 so far. Now it was Sheffield’s turn to step up to the starting line.

5km, or roughly 3 miles to the uninitiated, is typical of the distance walked by women and children in rural Nigeria in their search for clean drinking water.  Not for them the luxury of simply turning on a tap.

Who Participated? The short answer is everyone! We had serious runners who are training for other events; we had family groups who race between themselves; we had parents with buggies; we had dog-walkers. Some ran, others strolled.

This sponsored event annually raises enough money to provide a rural community in Nigeria with a borehole that will give clean drinking water throughout the year to every man, woman and child in the village.

You can pay your sponsorship money in cash, by cheque,
or on-line at

cardsThe TASTE Trustees are grateful to God for your support

Please send to TASTE, 15 Hawthorn Road, Sheffield, S6 4LG
Tel: 0114 233 7617,,, Facebook: TASTE Charity, Twitter:@taste_safewater